How To Turn Off Automatic Payments On Automatic IPhones And IPads
Illustration of the iPhone (photo: dock. Unsplash)

YOGYAKARTA Knowing how to turn off automatic payments on iPhones and iPads is important to note. Payments are usually cut automatically, so they need to be turned off manually so that payments stop.

There are several ways to turn off payment for subscription services both on iPhone and iPad phones, as follows, quoted from Apple's Support site.

Users can cancel subscription services via the App Store both on iPhone and on iPad phones. The trick is as follows.

It should be noted that the termination of automatic payment on the iPhone or iPad must be done at least 24 hours before the extension date is due. For example, an extension will be made every January 1, then the user must cancel at least 1 day before January 1st. Otherwise, the extension will still be made and the payment will continue to run.

If the user cancels the payment after the payment is made, the user can still enjoy the previously paid service until the deadline is up. A few tips, if you plan to subscribe within a month, it is recommended to immediately turn off the automatic payment so that in the following month there will be no automatic cuts.

Users should also know that stopping automatic system payments on iPhone requires your Apple ID. This happens because it relates to the security system implemented by Apple.

If the user forgets the password, simply enter Apple ID or can it by entering an email in Apple ID settings. After that select 'Continue' and follow the command that appears on the screen.

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