JAKARTA - The problem of a beret car is often experienced by most four-wheeled use due to some unexpected problems, such as touching each other and many more.

It turns out that when experiencing this problem, it must be addressed immediately, because it will make the car look less slick and at risk of being attacked by carat.

However, choosing the location of the repair of the car's body must also be careful, not only choosing because of the cost factor but also considering quality, because not a few cause new problems such as stripe or dull.

Well, Auto2000 can be an option because it has a Body Paint (BP) facility that has quality, coupled with the collaboration of 22 insurance companies nationally. As a result, the insurance-covered vehicle repair process can take place easily in all BP Auto2000 facilities.

"Maybe the car body was damaged so that it looked dull and could trigger carat. Immediately use the Express Body & Paint service to repair the fast and quality car body at our Body & Paint facility," said Auto2000 Marketing Division Head Nur Imansyah Tara, in her official statement, Wednesday, April 24.

Interestingly, it did not take long to repair the damage area consisting of three panels, such as berets, light posoners to repair spots. The use is only waiting for the 8 hour repair time to be calculated since the car was carried out by the BP workshop.

The method is quite easy, where you just have to come to the nearest BP Auto2000 workshop, then the process will be carried out by the Auto2000 workshop to the EBP facility. The results of the EBP work are guaranteed quality thanks to the system, facilities, and reliable technicians with global Toyota standards, as evidenced by a 6-month warranty if there is damage to the work.

In addition to services other than EBP, users can take advantage of existing regular services. And there is no need to come directly to the BP Auto2000 workshop, but you can visit the nearest Auto2000 workshop anywhere. Because Auto2000 has a TBCA (Toyota Body Check Advisor) service. Through TBCA, the condition of the car body can be checked by the BP Advisor Service and further processing will be carried out.

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