Successful Raid! RI-PNG Pamtas Task Force Infantry Battalion 132/BS Arrest OPM Members At RI-PNG Borders In Papua
The TNI secured Yusak Pakage, a former Secretary General of the National Police/TPN-OPM Police. (IST)


JAYAPURA CITY - RI Pamtas Task Force-PNG Infantry Battalion 132/BS secure Yusak Pakage (Former Secretary General of Police/TPN-OPM Police) on Jalan Poros Skouw Mabo, Muara Tami District, Jayapura City, Papua Province, Thursday 8 June.

According to information from the scene, starting with the Immigration Office of PLBN Skouw, there was a commotion caused by the presence of people (OAP) who were not willing to follow the applicable examination procedures, one of which was by not bringing complete documents and forcing them to cross the PNG area.

The personnel of the Indonesian Pamtas Task Force-PNG Infantry Battalion 132/BS include Praka Yayan, Pratu Agum and Prada Munthe who are on guard duty at the PLBN Skouw office approaching the commotion venue and intending to resolve the commotion, but the situation is getting hotter, because the community is not cooperative with the officers. This made the Task Force personnel even more suspicious.

After receiving information from various parties, the community was finally identified as Yusak Pakage (45). Furthermore, the Task Force personnel temporarily secured the person concerned at the Immigration Office of PLBN Skouw.

Praka Yayan then reported the incident to Wadansatgas Major Inf Zulfikar. Furthermore, the results of the analysis of Major Inf Zulfikar sourced from several references, Yusak Pakage was suspected of being one of the TPN-OPM sympathizers. Major Inf Zulfikar ordered Captain Inf Putra Zendrato as Dankipur A Task Force to secure Yusak Pakage in a relatively safe area after crossing the Muara Tami Post, considering that around PLBN Skouw there were very many Indonesians and PNG due to Pasar Skouw day, in order to anticipate the occurrence of noise and crowds.

Not long after, Yusak Pakage left PLBN Skouw heading towards Jayapura City. When he was secured in the Skouw Mabo area by Sertu Rudi and 11 other Task Force personnel, Yusak Pakage fought back so that the commotion occurred again. But in the end, the person concerned was successfully secured and taken to the Muara Tami Post.

Major Inf Zulfikar together with Captain Inf Putra carried out a limited examination of Yusak Pakage, then information was obtained that he was about to pass to Vanimo PNG, but because he did not bring documents, immigration officers forbade him to pass, but the person concerned still forced him to cross and fight back. After a persuasive and humanist approach, Yusak Pakage apologized for his actions.

After carrying out a limited examination, Major Inf Zulfikar reported the incident to Dansatgas Lt. Col. Inf. Ahmad Fauzi, who then received orders to coordinate with the police in an effort to anticipate the development of the situation, the possibility that he was a DPO/KSPol. After Major Inf Zulfikar coordinated with the Skouw Sector Police Chief Ipda Alexander Yarisetouw, the Muara Tami Police arrived at the Muara Tami Post to carry out a joint examination of the information.

Based on additional information from various sources, it is known that Yusak Pakage is the former Secretary General of the Tapol/Napol TPN-OPM and Papuan independence activist who raised the Morning Star flag. In addition, Yusak Pakage is known to be an active OPM member who declared the Papuan independence negotiations to the President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo through a video published through one of the social media on April 18, 2023.

It is suspected that Yusak Pakage plans to cross the border to PNG in order to attend the ULMWP (United Liberation Movement for West Papua) event is an activity organized by Beny Wenda, which received temporary information that it will be held in July 2023 at PNG.

Next, the Indonesian Pamtas Task Force-PNG Infantry Battalion 132/BS represented by Major Inf Zulfikar handed over Yusak Pakage to the Muara Tami Police for further examination.

The Indonesian Pamtas Task Force-PNG Infantry Battalion 132/BS has repeatedly contributed positively to the RI-PNG border from various problems that have occurred. This can be seen from the success of thwarting efforts to circulate and smuggle marijuana-type narcotics, thwarting the smuggling of munitions by PNG citizens, and capturing border crossers and illegal goods that are not equipped with official documents.

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