Ripple Plans IPO After Legal Case Against SEC Ends
XRP crypto developer Ripple will go public. (Photo; Doc. Coin Alert)

JAKARTA - Ripple, the company behind the XRP cryptocurrency, is reportedly considering conducting an Initial Public Offering (IPO) after its legal feud with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) ended.

In its analysis, Wall Street expert Linda Jones estimates that Ripple's IPO has huge potential gains, given Ripple's current stock price is still low. The report also states that Ripple had held a private roadshow in April, where its executives discussed the company's potential and IPO plans with related parties.

Experts have diverse views on the possibility of Ripple's IPO. An XRP attorney, John Deaton, believes that if Ripple wins the case or gets a light penalty from the SEC, it will be good luck for the company. Ripple's chances of winning this lawsuit are expected to be quite high, with the possibility of a very small SEC direct win, less than 3 percent.

Although many crypto investors and enthusiasts remain optimistic about Ripple, it is recommended to wait for the final decision before making conclusions about the potential price of XRP. Recently, Ripple has received a large flow of funds, showing investor confidence in XRP. It also has an impact on increasing crypto market capitalization by 10 percent in one week.

The ongoing legal process is still awaiting requests for documents related to William Hinman's speech, the former SEC finance director, in 2018, as well as other documents that will explain whether XRP can be considered a security or not.

The final decision is likely to be taken in September. In the best scenario, Ripple hopes to end this legal battle with favorable results and strengthen its position in the crypto industry.

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