Confession Of Former President Director Of Bakti Kominfo, Arranges Technology Owner Requirements For 4G BTS Projects To Call No State Loss
PHOTO: Rizky Adytia-VOI

Witness Anang Achmad Latif said that the President Director Regulation (Perdirut) of the Telecommunication and Information Accessibility Agency (Bacti) regarding the determination of technology owners who will work on the 4G base transceiver station (BTS) tower supply project was determined by him.

He made this statement when testifying in the alleged corruption case of providing 4G BTS infrastructure for Galumbang Menak, Irwan Hermawan, and Mukti Ali.

Anang Latif conveyed this matter in response to the question of Mukti Ali's legal team regarding the involvement of PT Huawei Tech Investment to make the Perdirat.

"Whether it is regulated in relation to owner technology and the network remains closed," asked the legal adviser during a trial at the Corruption Court at the Central Jakarta District Court, Wednesday, September 27.

"Yes, in this Perdirut, the requirements for bidders are set, one of which is about the owner's technology and the owner of the network permit remains closed," Anang replied

Then, Anang was questioned about Huawei's involvement or the defendant Mukti Ali in determining the owner's technology settings and the network permit remained closed.

Anang loudly said there was no involvement of anyone. Because, he determines or determines these requirements because he has decades of experience in technology.

"Not at all," said Anang.

"Who made it at that time? Was it indeed an internal decision by himself or a witness as well as a consultant if in the BAP here the witness said he received assistance from a legal consultant?" said Mukti Ali's attorney confirmed.

"I set these requirements because my experience of 27 years in the telecommunications world is quite confident that this is the right requirement," Anang replied.

As if confirming, one of the defendants' legal advisers repeated his question about the involvement of other parties.

Anang also agreed. In fact, the consultant he involved was said to have accepted his directives regarding these requirements.

"So there is no involvement from other parties?" asked Mukti Ali's legal adviser.

"Nothing, even the consultants accepted my direction to accept this requirement," said Anang.

On the other hand, Anang also assessed that the BTS 4G tower supply project did not cause state losses of Rp8.032 trillion as charged by the public prosecutor (JPU).

This is because, referring to the financial statements of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics which have been audited by the Supreme Audit Agency, the BTS tower which has been recorded as an asset, while as many as 3,088 towers that have not been completed are included in the Construction In Work (KDP) assets worth Rp7.3 trillion.

"That's what appears in the financial statements, the basis is December 31, 2021," he said.

"Rp7.3 trillion, which is included in KDP's assets, is listed as an asset," continued Anang.

Then, the three consortiums were said to have returned the Rp1.7 trillion on March 31, 2022. Then they were followed up by making a new contract to continue their unfinished work on April 1, 2022.

However, until December 31, 2021, from a contract worth IDR 1.7 trillion, Bakti has only paid IDR 450 billion. So, said Anang, the assets owned were IDR 10.8 trillion.

"Yes, it is divided, there are those who have completed their assets and the assets of the KDP are Rp. 7.8 trillion," he said.

The asset value has also been confirmed through the BPK audit process which is confirmed by the Central Government Financial Report (LKPP) in 2021.

"So if I ask, have there been no losses of 8 comma of the trillions ever recorded?" asked the legal advisory team.

"According to my knowledge, there is no (loss)," said Anang.

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