Meeting With Commission III, BNN Proposes Additional Budget Of IDR 1.95 Trillion For 2024
Head of BNN Komjen Pol Petrus Reinhard Golose. (Between)

JAKARTA - The National Narcotics Agency (BNN) proposed an additional 2024 budget ceiling of IDR 1.95 trillion.

"BNN proposes an additional 2024 budget of IDR 1.95 trillion," said Head of BNN Komjen Pol Petrus Reinhard Golose in a working meeting with Commission III of the DPR at the Senayan Parliament Complex, Jakarta, Wednesday, June 7.

He explained that the additional budget was for several programs, namely the procurement of information technology equipment and eradication infrastructure of around Rp. 1.7 trillion and the preparation of four new work units (satker) in the Papua region, namely Southwest Papua, Mountains Papua, Central Papua and South Papua, around Rp. 30 billion.

Furthermore, BNN also budgeted for rehabilitation services as well as certification tests and competency tests for functional positions for rehabilitation officers amounting to Rp40 billion.

Meanwhile, the BNN indicative ceiling for 2024, based on a letter from the finance minister and minister of National Development Planning/head of the National Development Planning Agency (PPN/Bappenas), amounted to Rp1.53 trillion.

The budget is for personnel expenditures of Rp. 650 billion, operational expenditures for goods of Rp. 415 billion, and non-operational expenditures of Rp. 469 billion.

The issuance of the 2024 BNN budget is carried out for several priority programs, such as the field of prevention with programs to strengthen the resilience of students, students, and family resilience as well as the field of community empowerment with soft skills and life skills training programs in vulnerable areas.

Furthermore, the field of rehabilitation with an institutional strengthening program and human resources (HR) for rehabilitation services, the implementation of community-based interventions (IBM), SKHPN services, as well as rehabilitation services at Balai, loka and Pratama clinics.

Then, the field of eradication with an investigation and investigation program for narcotics and money laundering as well as optimizing TAT as well as the field of laboratory services with a program to provide narcotics and NPS inspection services for law enforcement officers and services to the community.

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