Ganjar Pranowo Ready To Facilitate The Development Of Student Energy Saving Vehicles In Central Java
Ganjar Pranowo supports students in developing energy-efficient vehicles. (IST)

Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo Offers Support for Student Innovation in Energy Saving Vehicle Development. Many students in Central Java have achieved international achievements in this field.

This statement was made by Ganjar after receiving a visit from Shell Indonesia regarding the regional competition Shell ECO Marathon Asia Pacific and the Middle East 2023, at his office, Wednesday, June 7.

Ganjar Pranowo expressed his pride in the achievements of Central Java students at the international level. Through this competition, students are given the opportunity to test and hone their creativity and innovation.

"This is the work of extraordinary students. They try to show the potential of energy-efficient vehicles through their work," he said.

This innovation proves that the creativity of the nation's children deserves recognition and support. By going through the Regional Research and Innovation Agency (BRIDA), Ganjar is ready to facilitate the development of students' findings.

"Through BRIDA, we hope to encourage these ideas to be implemented in large industries, so that the benefits can be felt by the wider community. I am very happy and grateful because I can see the extraordinary potential of young Indonesians on the world stage," he said.

Meanwhile, Susi Hutapea as Vice President of Corporate Relations of Shell Indonesia revealed that many Central Java students participated in the competition. This year, there are three universities from Central Java that have managed to reach the third stage of the competition.

"There are three universities that will advance to stage three or the final stage in Mandalika (circuit), and one of them is Muhammadiyah University Solo, UNS, and Undip," said Susi after the visit.

It was explained that Undip and UNS had participated in this future vehicle competition before. For example, the Antawirya Team from Diponegoro University (Undip) Semarang has created extraordinary works.

"Their innovations are different every year, and every year, the vehicles they produce are more efficient," he said.

Undip, UNS, and UMS will compete with teams from 15 countries in Asia Pacific and the Middle East in the 2023 Shell ECO Marathon final which will be held on July 4-9 at the Mandalika International Circuit, Lombok, NTB. Ganjar Pranowo was also invited to attend and watch the final of the competition.

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