Recommendations For Jung Hae In's Favorite Korean Drama
Jung Hae In (ANTARA)

South Korean actor Jung Hae-in met fans in Indonesia at the 2023 JUNG HAE IN FANMEETING IN JAKARTA 'THE 10TH SEASON' on Saturday, September 16 yesterday. He revealed the most favorite Korean drama, namely DP.

According to Jung Hae In, the character she plays is named An Jun-ho who is very similar to himself. He then said that every drama or film work has its own focus and message, including DP which is specifically intended for Koreans.

"Memang film-film lain sama untuk fokus. Tapi untuk DP lebih bertanggung jawab karena ada pesan yang jelas yang ingin disampaikan kepada orang Korea," kata dia dikutip dari ANTARA.

Although most liked, Jung Hae In also mentioned DP as the most psychologically difficult drama. However, he did not elaborate on his statement further. He only said in the series, there were many action scenes to be done.

"Indeed, there are many actions, and they often shoot. I find it psychologically difficult," he said.

The DP in general tells the story of a soldier who is suddenly assigned to arrest military defectors, and is caught in a very complicated situation.

The DP stands for Deserter Pursuit or an army unit that tracks soldiers who are absent from their obligations.

In the DP series, which is the result of an adaptation of Kim Bo-tong's webtoon comic, the audience is invited to see various issues in military life.

Jung Hae-in then discussed the character An Jun-ho, who according to him found it difficult to smile and this is what sometimes makes it difficult for him to shoot.

He has been in the acting world for almost 10 years, since debuting in 2014 through a series called Bride of the Century. Until now, he has participated in various popular films and dramas such as Snowdrop, Connect, Something in the Rain, Prison Playbook, Start-Up, Tune in for Love and DP and DP2.

Jung Hae-in said that over the past 10 years he had never rested long because after finishing filming a drama, he would continue his new job.

He then said he hoped to return to please the fans through the drama or film he starred in next year.

"Next year, I will come back again as an actor who can please fans with fun dramas or films," said Jung Hae In.

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