The Palace Finally Responds To Ma'ruf Amin Calling KSAL Instead He Becomes TNI Commander, Says Sprained Tongue
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JAKARTA - The Vice President's Palace responded to the question of Vice President Ma'ruf Amin being misnamed when greeting the Chief of Naval Staff (KSAL) Admiral Yudo Margono as Panglima.

The spokesperson for the vice president, Masduki Baidlowi, clarified that Ma'ruf's misrepresentation was an accident.

"That's not what the vice president did on purpose. In Arabic it's a verbal sabqul, or a slip of the tongue", Masduki told VOI, Saturday, September 18.

Currently, President Joko Widodo has not yet decided who will be the TNI Commander to replace Hadi Tjahjanto who will retire. A strong candidate for the TNI commander is said to be not far from Admiral Yudo Margono and Kasad General Andika Perkasa.

However, in the midst of this heated issue, there was an interesting moment in Ma'ruf Amin's activities. This moment occurred when the vice president came to the An-Nawawi Tanara Islamic Boarding School, Serang, Banten, Thursday, September 16 yesterday. Ma'ruf came to see the vaccination process.

Ma'ruf Amin made speculations in the moment of the wrong call. TNI Admiral Yudo Margono was not called KSAL, but TNI Commander.

"Today I was present at the An-Nawawi Tanara Islamic boarding school, Serang, Banten to take part in the vaccination organized by the Indonesian Navy. Together with the local government and the Commander in Chief were here", said the vice president.

"Hey, Mr. KSAL, the Chief of Naval Staff is here", corrected Ma'ruf.

I don't know who spoke, around the vice president someone said, "Prayer means".

The editor then tried to listen to the recording of the vice president's remarks on the Vice President's Secretariat YouTube Channel, Saturday 18 September. Usually, all the vice president's statements at various events will be broadcast in full. But this time, it is suspected that Ma'ruf Amin's statement has been edited.

All that was heard was, "Prayer matters".


Vice President at An Nawawi Tanara Islamic Boarding School (Penata), Serang, Banten



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