The Meaning Of New Uniform Colors And Motifs For Citilink Cabin Crew
Citilink airline cabin crew model showing off new uniform/Photo: Antara

JAKARTA – Citilink airline cabin crew uniforms look different from usual. Starting this Saturday, the cabin crew will wear the new uniforms simultaneously across the entire flight path.

President Director of Citilink Juliandra Nurtjahjo explained that the cabin crew uniform changes were made to give the company spirit.

"To coincide with National Customer Day which falls today, Citilink launched a new cabin crew uniform by bringing the company spirit as an innovative modern airline with the characteristics of young, fun, and dynamic as part of a strategy to improve services for passengers," said Juliandra Nurtjahjo quoting Antara, Saturday, September 4th.

It is said that the new uniform design for Citilink's cabin crew is the work of fashion designer Oscar Lawalata. The new uniform was made in the form of a kebaya to uphold Indonesian culture, but also had a touch of modernization by using a typical ikat pattern from East Nusa Tenggara.

"This motif was used by royal leaders who depicted leaders of integrity and honesty. The presence of geometric lines also symbolizes the relationship between humans and their environment. In addition, there is a touch of innovation in the beautiful and beautiful wala mangata floral motif which is believed to be able to keep away from calamity and danger," he said.

On the edges of this uniform, there are also decorative motifs from Sumba weaving by the nation's children which outline the meaning of tenderness, togetherness, and hope. These motifs are mixed and matched into a masterpiece in a complete design on the fabric of the Citilink cabin crew uniform.

In addition, Citilink also uses the dominance of green and lime colors for the coloring of the new cabin crew uniforms. The green color represents glory, greatness, balance, and peace. While the lime color is a combination of green and yellow which represents joy, happiness, energy, and optimism.

"We hope that the presence of this new cabin crew uniform can bring new hope and enthusiasm to increasingly provide more optimal services to improve customer experience and create a better journey for all customers," said Juliandra.

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