Good News For Cigarette Factory Workers Yogyakarta City Residents: They Receive BLT From Tobacco Excise Of Rp1.2 Million
Yogyakarta City Secretary Aman Yuriadijaya handed over direct cash assistance (BLT) to cigarette or tobacco factory workers from excise sharing on tobacco products in Yogyakarta, Friday (12/3/21) (ANTARA/Eka AR)

JAKARTA - A total of 148 residents of Yogyakarta City who work as cigarette or tobacco factory workers receive direct cash assistance (BLT) from the Tobacco Products Excise Revenue Sharing Fund with each recipient receiving Rp1.2 million in funds.

"Usually, the Tobacco Excise Revenue Sharing Fund is only intended for health programs but this year, it is also aimed at the aspect of fostering the social environment by providing BLT," said Yogyakarta City Regional Secretary Aman Yuriadijaya during the handing over of aid in Yogyakarta, reported by Antara, Friday, December 12.

He hopes that each recipient of the direct cash assistance can take advantage of the assistance received to help ease the burden of daily living needs.

"The name is cash assistance, but it is submitted in the form of savings in the bank. Hopefully, the aid will not be spent immediately but used wisely according to priority needs," he said.

BLT from the Tobacco Excise Revenue Sharing Fund was submitted in the form of "Mas Joko" savings through Bank Jogja. Assistance is ensured to be given in full without any deductions.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Yogyakarta City Manpower and Transmigration Social Service, Maryustion Tonang, said that the granting of BLT for cigarette factory workers was based on a population identification number (NIK).

"So even though the residents of Yogyakarta City work as laborers in cigarette or tobacco factories in other districts in DIY, they still get the assistance," he said.

Based on the initial data collection, there were 159 residents of Yogyakarta City who became cigarette factory workers, spread across Yogyakarta City, Bantul Regency, Kulon Progo Regency and Sleman Regency.

After matching the data with other recipients of social assistance from the APBD or APBN, the data was reduced to 153 recipients.

"We then validated in the field and there were only 148 prospective recipients who met the requirements. The rest, six prospective recipients turned out to have 'resigned' or some have retired," he said.

The provision of BLT for cigarette and tobacco factory workers is carried out through each city/district government. "We also provide the same data to other districts in DIY if there are residents of other districts working in Yogyakarta City," he said.

Meanwhile, one of the beneficiaries of Mujiyanti, a resident of Gambiran Village, Yogyakarta, plans to use the funds for house repairs.

"Alhamdulillah, we got help. Because now it is the rainy season, the funds will be used for house repairs. Repairing leaky roof tiles," he said, who has worked for 15 years in a cigarette factory in Sleman Regency.

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