JAKARTA - Since its launch, the electric car from Xiaomi, namely SU7, has received a positive response, even after the launch of the sedan model order was quite fantastic.

No wonder the presence of Xiaomi SU7 at the China Auto Show or Beijing Auto Show 2024 is quite awaited by exhibition visitors. This beautiful electric car looks stunning with a series of advantages, especially in terms of travel distance and charging.

Xiaomi SU7 is powered by the latest battery technology from CATL, Qilin Battery. Thanks to the advanced batteries from the world's largest battery manufacturer, SU7 is claimed to be able to achieve a fantastic distance, which is 800 kilometers in one charge! This figure is certainly a dream for electric car users who are often worried about running out of power on long trips.

Another good news is that Xiaomi SU7 is also superior in charging matters. The latest embedded technology allows charging from 10 to 80 percent in just 19 minutes! With this convenience, consumers do not have to wait long to resume their journey.

Xiaomi not only focuses on battery performance, but also designs SU7 with attention to comfort and style. In its official statement, Xiaomi mentioned that SU7 is carefully designed, not only as a vehicle, but also as a revolutionary electric driving experience.

It is known, Xiaomi officially launched SU7 on March 28, offering three variants, namely Standard, Pro, and Max at a price of 215,900 yuan (Standards) or around Rp. 484 million, 245,900 yuan (Max) or Rp. 552 million and 299,900 yuan (Pro) in the range of Rp. 673 million.

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