Tegas! Kapolda Jateng Minta Personel Jangan Jadi <i>Backing</i> Pelaku Kejahatan, dan Khianati Polri
Regional Police Chief of Central Java, General Insp. Ahmad Luthfi/Photo: Doc. Central java Regional police


SEMARANG - Central Java Police Chief, Inspector General Pol Ahmad Luthfi firmly gave a message to all personnel to continue to provide the best service and maintain a simple lifestyle. Regional Police Chief also asked members to guard themselves from violations, especially violations of the law.

“Our life is a choice and we have chosen National Police as a way of life. All aspects of our lives breathe the Police. Therefore, do not tarnish the Bhayangkara Corps, which we are proud of, with actions that are inappropriate for members of the National Police," said Ahmad Luthfi, in a written statement, Monday, June 27, evening.

The Regional Police Chief asks members to be role models for the community and realize that their every behavior is a representation of the institution and is seen as part of the law. According to him, the public's perspective on the law is reflected in the attitudes and behavior of the Police personnel they meet.

“There are no members who commit violations, including under the pretext of enforcing the law but violating the law. If there is a member of the Central Java Police who commits a violation, then he is considered to have betrayed his oath and violated the institution," he said.

The Chief of Police said that the main tasks of the National Police include enforcing the law, and in enforcing the law it should not be done by violating the law. The main tasks of the National Police are clearly stated in Article 13 of Law No. 22 of 2002 concerning the Indonesian National Police.

"It includes the main duties of the National Police as a protector and public servant as well as law enforcement as the final step. It must always be engraved in every Bhayangkara person," he said.

The Regional Police Chief emphasized that all Central Java Police personnel have a sense of belonging to the National Police institution regardless of rank and position, and are sincere in providing the best service to the community.

Furthermore, the Regional Police Chief asked members to become figures who bring benefits, both to families, institutions, and society.

He gave an example of one of the Javanese philosophies, namely "Urip Iku Urup (life is enlightening), that the life of a Bhayangkara person should benefit others around us. He said, the greater the benefits that can be provided by members of the Police, of course, the better for the community.

"Don't feel satisfied with the position you are holding, whatever the rank. Control your lust and live a simple lifestyle, accept and be grateful for what you currently have. Do not justify any means to achieve the goal," said Inspector General Ahmad Luthfi. It was stated that if it was found that there were individuals who were the backing of the violations committed by the community and took a path that violated the law to fulfill their desires, the personnel would be branded as traitors to the National Police institution.

“I also hope that every member of the group lives a life filled with gratitude. God willing, there will be more blessings and blessings from what we have received. We base our intention to serve with the intention of worship so that there will be blessings from everything we do," he continued.