Vesak 2023 Celebration, Injourney: Momentum For Restructuring Borobudur Temple
Borobudur Temple Tourism Park area, Magelang, Central Java. (Between)


JAKARTA - PT Aviasi Wisata Indonesia (Persero) or Injourney said the Vesak celebration was a momentum to rearrange the function of Borobudur Temple as a destination for cultural, spiritual heritage to education and conservation.

"So indeed this event is a catalyst momentum from the rearrangement of the function (function) of Borobudur as a heritage tourism, spiritual heritage, education and conservation," said Injourney Tourism Marketing and Program Director Maya Watono when met in the Borobudur Temple Tourism Park area, Magelang, Central Java, Sunday, June 4, confiscated by Antara.

The restructuring was deemed necessary because the momentum of the Vesak celebration this time also moved the regional economy because accommodation in the area around Borobudur Temple was full.

"Homestay here, accommodation in Jogja, to Semarang, Solo, is full. Coming from everywhere to watch and celebrate this event," he said.

The momentum of the Vesak celebration at Borobudur Temple, continued Maya, also reflects the true culture of Indonesian society Bhinneka Tunggal Ika. This can be seen from the warm welcome to monks who come in the tradition of thidong or spiritual journey.

"So I think this celebration is not only for the Vesak event, but indeed for Indonesia, it reflects the real Indonesia. The rising spirit of diversity," he added.

Maya also said that rearranging needs to be done to determine the right position for Borobudur Temple and the target for tourists to be targeted.

"That's what I said Borobudur's positioning for the future, what kind of tourism is suitable for Borobudur. Whether heritage, cultural, spiritual, and tourist tourism is from where, whether from South East Asia, and so on, we have to rearrange it," he said.

Similarly, Director of Marketing, Services and Business Development of PT Taman Wisata Borobudur Temple, Prambanan and Ratu Boko (TWC) Hetty Herawati revealed that Asia is a large spiritual tourism market or pilgrimage to be worked on.

The residents' warm welcome and enthusiasm for the community to witness and succeed in the procession of the Vesak celebration are considered to be the first step in developing the destination.

"We don't see (not only) spiritual values, but the universal values of Borobudur. Borobudur has a lot of wisdom about the values of life," he said.

Hetty added that although it was only at the level of 60-80 percent recovered compared to before the Covid-19 pandemic, the growth in the number of visitors to the Buddhist site was quite encouraging. Moreover, currently, his party is focusing on encouraging quality, not just the number of visitors.

"Currently we focus on quality, building story telling, one of which is with Vesak, we have many stories that we can build so that the soul of Borobudur that we develop. We want people to come here to be inspired by Borobudur's soul," said Hetty.

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