Evidence Of Digital Footprint Can Ruin Your Reputation And Career!
Posting on social media can hinder a person's career. (photo: Adem AY/Unsplash)

JAKARTA - When playing social media, you will certainly find comfort there. You can upload photos or videos, even text statuses. Nothing stands in your way on social media.

However, there are many reasons to be careful when uploading content on social media and other online platforms, this is of course related to your own reputation.

According to research conducted by cybersecurity firm Kaspersky, a third of job seekers said posting on social media had damaged their job prospects, a figure that rose to 47 percent among young applicants applying for entry-level positions.

The survey also revealed that more than a third (38 percent) believed that the likelihood of receiving a job offer would decrease if potential recruiters had access to their posts, while 40 percent said they had previously sought out new partners on social media.

Launching TechRadar, Monday, January 17th, when social media platforms were first founded in the mid-2000s, almost all of us would have faced the dangers this kind of service could pose, from a reputation, addiction, and data privacy standpoint.

Since the Cambridge Analytica scandal, many people have become more cautious about the social media content they interact with (especially personality quizzes and the like) for privacy reasons.

The Kaspersky report confirms that many people later regret the content or status they post on web platforms, with 45 percent of respondents saying they regretted using social media when they were younger.

Meanwhile, 42 percent of people say their social media profiles don't represent who they really are, even though they are another source of information for recruiters who want to learn more about potential new hires.

On the other hand, social platforms like LinkedIn have proven to be an invaluable resource for job seekers over the years. According to Kaspersky, 73 percent of millennials find their last position directly through social media platforms.

The question arises, how do we capture the benefits of social platforms, without exposing ourselves to the harm?

According to Tony Neate, CEO at advice portal Get Safe Online, people can significantly benefit from making a concerted effort to think before posting content or status on social media.

“Social networking has been and is still one of the revolutions of the online era. If used properly, it's a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, share information and advertisements, and find new jobs,” said Neate.

“Our advice is simple. Enjoy the benefits of social media, but step back periodically and remind yourself why it's important to think before posting. Use this time to edit and even delete recent posts that may position you at a disadvantage, minimizing the risk of current and future employers viewing you negatively."

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