JAKARTA - For those of you looking for an extraordinary smart ring without having to spend a lot of money, there is a new name to pay attention to. The Black Shark smart ring is available on the market and offers many health tracker sensors at a price of less than 100 US dollars (Rp1.62 million).

The problem is, the ring is currently only available in China. However, at a price of 599 yuan (IDR 1.3 million), this ring offers many features.

The Black Shark smart ring offers many features that are comparable to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Ring. This ring is proficient in health tracking, with sensors that include heart rate, blood oxygen level, number of steps, and tracking of the menstrual cycle, all of the elegant rings worn on the finger.

This ring is even equipped with a click motion that can be assigned to certain applications or actions, as well as a warning light. Like the AirPods, this ring is equipped with a charging box that can provide up to 180 days of battery life without needing to plug into the socket. However, without the charging box, the internal battery is actually smaller than some competitors.

However, with a thickness of only 2.2mm and a 5ATM water-resistant rating, this ring can easily be tucked into everyday life if it is later available in other countries at similar prices.

Charging regularly using charging boxes like earbuds is an unusual choice for a smart ring, and we've never seen before. Smart rings are usually designed for continuous use, so very curious how long these rings last. A day? Two days?

Black Shark may not be the brand you hear frequently, but its parent company, Xiaomi, is quite well known. Nonetheless, Xiaomi's presence outside China is not as big as domestically, and this could be an obstacle to the wide acceptance of this smart ring in other countries.

However, Xiaomi has made some of the best and more popular phones in the UK and Australia, so it's likely a gradual launch in other regions could happen.

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