Here's How To See And Delete Passwords Stored In Chrome
Google Chrome/DOK Password Manager

JAKARTA Google has a Password Manager feature in Chrome to store passwords from various websites. By using this feature, users do not need to remember the password used.

When you want to log in to a website page, you don't need to fill in if the data is already stored in Password Manager. This feature will immediately sync passwords and pages will be automatically charged.

Although this feature makes it easier for you, Chrome Password Managers still have weaknesses. This feature does not have additional protection and is prone to infiltration so you must be careful in using this feature.

Hackers who manage to log into their Google account have the potential to steal passwords stored in Chrome Password Manager. What's more, this feature can export all stored passwords to other devices.

If you are afraid this will happen and want to immediately delete the password stored in Chrome Password Manager, open the Chrome browser first, then click the vertical three-dot in the upper right corner of the screen and look for the Settings menu.

After that, open the Auto and Password Content menu on the left side of the screen, then select the Google Password Manager option with the key icon. Later, Chrome will display all login details on the website, including the password.

To see the password, click the desired website name and enter the profile PIN from the device used. If the entered PIN is correct, the password information will be visible. Under the password, the user can choose to delete the data.

In fact, this feature is harmless and very useful if you use your Google account in the right way. Make sure not to open the website carelessly because hackers can enter through unknown access cookies or downloads.

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