E Motion Presents Indonesia's PLAYHERA: Revolutionizing The Indonesian Game Industry
Indonesian PLAYHERA press conference (photo: Dinda Buana/VOI)

JAKARTA - E Motion Entertainment, a leading company in the Indonesian industry along with the pioneer of the revolutionary game platform, PLAYHERA Global announced the launch of PLAYHERA Indonesia on Tuesday, December 5.

The game industry in the world is currently experiencing a big shift, this is due to the push for technological advances and market dynamics that continue to change. Especially in Indonesia, a country with 300 million potential users.

This innovative collaboration marks an important pillar in the evolution of the game industry which reshapes space that is not only in Indonesia, but also on the global stage.

I feel that this is the only platform in Indonesia that has a head to head for the first time. For PLAYHERA in the future, it will reach gamers and improve the creative economy, especially gamers in Indonesia," Wllie said at his press conference at Bengkel, SCBD, Jakarta.

The PLAYHERA serves as a forum in uniting all deep stakeholders in the gaming industry. Whether it's developers, publishers, gamers, content creators, and also fans, can gather on this platform to encourage collaboration and innovation.

"This gathering will later create a dynamic game ecosystem in Indonesia, increase competitiveness and also creativity in the industry," he added further.

The PLAYHERA comes unlike other platforms, PLAYHERA is a multipurpose platform which includes e-commerce, game tournaments, cloud gaming, digital wallets, social media, and social connectivity between gamers.

This platform also offers an all-in-one goal where gamers can navigate various aspects of their experience of playing games. This ease and integration will also improve the experience of Indonesian people in playing games so that they can be easier to access.

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