How To Report Spam In Gmail: Spam Lost In Peaceful Life
How to Report Spam in Gmail (Rawpixel-Freepik Image)

YOGYAKARTA - Spam is something that has often been experienced by everyone who has an email and is considered common. However, if the shipment is massively every day, it will make important emails sink. So, is there a way to report spam in Gmail?

Actually, this spam can be tricked by diligently removing it and also blocking it. But is this effective? The safest way is to report it. So what is the way? Follow the following explanation.

You can report emails in the form of spam directly via a browser. Here's how;

Give a checkmark next to the message in Gmail by sorting out the empty box on the left of the email. You may be able to recognize spam without opening an email. You can also open the email if in doubt.

In the menu on top of your inbox, find an icon that looks like an exciting sign in the stop sign. Selection to mark the message as spam. You can also choose an exciting sign (Shift+1) if you enable Gmail keyboard shortcuts.

Gmail told you that any message and conversation that was part of has been moved to Spam. You can see it in the Spam folder if you want.

How To Report Spam In The Gmail App

Here it is, how to tell the message as the spam in the Gmail application for Android mobile features and iOS:

In your inbox, tap the initials in front of one or part of the message. The upper menu shifts to show the option for the message you are selecting. Tap the menu icon, which is associated with 3 stacked points, in the upper right corner of the screen.

Another menu is extended to show a series of expanded options. Selection to Report spam from the list.

How To Report Spam In Gmail In Mobile Browser

To notify the email as spam on the mobile website browser, you can practice the following steps:

Place the checkmark in the box on the left of the unwanted message. You can also open the message. When it just appears, floating in the top right corner of the screen. Selection of the lower arrow icon to show other options. Selection Report spam from the additional menu.

Why Is Spam Email Dangerous?

Spam emails are not just disturbing, but can also have harmful consequences. Some of the dangers associated with spam emails include:

How To Stop Receiving Spam Emails

1. Implement Spam Filter

Many email service providers, such as Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo, provide a built-in spam filter. Check the spam filter to be activated and configured properly. This filter will automatically move spam email to a spam folder or filter it so it doesn't appear in the inbox.

2. Add Extensions

Users can add third-party applications that are useful for capturing spam messages between email providers and email recipients. One of the most easy applications is Mailwasher.

By simply entering email login details, this application will filter and recognize messages that you don't want. Well, users can review the emails received before appearing in the inbox.

3. Unsubscribe action

When an email user implements an unsubscribe, it indicates to the sender if he is no longer interested or willing to receive an email from the sender.

Generally, every email you receive from a valid sender will include an "Unsubscribe" option or "Stop Subscription" at the bottom of the email. Users can click on the link to perform unsubscribe.

Reporting Spam Can Strengthen Your Gmail Spam Filters

The more spam you report to Gmail to be recognized, the less spam that enters your inbox. You help Gmail's spam filter learn by showing the garbage that goes into your inbox.

Knowing spam is easy and not only cleans you from similar waste in the future, but will automatically delete messages that are considered spam.

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