Google Workspace Adds Extra AI Powered Security
Google uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to perfect security on Workspace products (doc photos. google)

JAKARTA - Google will soon use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to perfect security on its Workspace products, such as Gmail and Drive.

To get started, Google wants to improve its zero trust model, a cloud security model designed to secure modern organizations by eliminating implicit trust, implementing strict identity authentication and authorization.

In zero trust conditions, every user, device, and component is considered untrusted all the time, regardless of whether they are inside or outside the organization's network. Google also combines zero trust with data loss prevention (DLP).

We combine the two, and add the ability to improve the way you classify using AI capabilities in Drive," said senior director of global risk and compliance at Google,ria Manfra.

"So what is done is to automatically and continuously classify and label sensitive data, and then apply appropriate risk-based controls," he continued.

DLP, which is already available on Google Chat, Drive, and Chrome to help security teams control sensitive information sharing inside and outside the organization, will also be present in Gmail and available in a preview later this year.

A number of Perfecting Client Side Encryptions (CSE) were also presented by Google, like mobile app support, the ability to set CSE as a default for certain organizational units, guest access support in Meet, comment support in Documents, and the ability for users to view, edit, or convert Microsoft Excel files.

Currently, organizations can also choose their data storage location when they are not used. They can choose where the data covered by them is processed and the option to store copies of their Workspace data in their selected country. For starters, this only includes the European Union (EU) or the United States (US).

All of these new features are under development and will be released later this year. Google did not explain the price details and whether Workspace users had to pay extra. This was quoted from TechCrunch, Friday, August 25.

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