Lightning Causes HP To Explode, Really? Here's The Explanation
Illustration of a cellphone that is dangerous if it explodes. (photo: dock. Unsplash)

YOGYAKARTA Some people believe that weather and lightning can be one of the causes the cellphone can explode. In fact, there was an issue that said that someone was struck by lightning because he was playing on a cellphone. Then, confirming the information?

Quoted from the article uploaded on the official website of Kominfo which discussed the lightning propagation incident because it was playing on a cellphone, it was explained that the information was not true. Thus it can be concluded that lightning is not the cause of exploding cellphones as believed by some people.

Lightning safety specialists at the National Weather Service explained that lightning did not strike a smartphone. The two of them are not even related to each other. There are three factors that trigger lightning to strike an object, namely the location of an object at an altitude, the shape of a pointed object, and the isolation material used in an object.

However, someone could have been struck by lightning while playing cellphones if the person was standing in the middle of the field in rainy and twisted weather conditions. However, this potential does not occur if you use a cell phone inside the house even though the lightning strikes.

However, it should be noted that there are several reasons why cellphones can catch fire and explode, namely as follows.

The potential for cell phones to explode was when the phone suffered certain damage. For example, there is a short circuit in the electric component on the cellphone caused by a liquid object. When the phone is forced to turn on, there is a possibility that the phone caught fire until it explodes.

It is highly recommended for you to use an original charger or one that has good quality. It should be noted that each phone has different specifications according to the technology embedded in the phone.

The use of imitation or fake chargers has the potential to cause the phone to be damaged and not long-lived. Worse yet, the phone can burn until it explodes.

No less important than a charger, the phone battery is also very vital. When you decide to change the phone battery, it is recommended to choose a high-quality trusted original battery or brand. Immunity batteries are usually made not according to the set standard, thus making the phone hot to burn.

Have you ever heard your phone explode while placing it in the trunk of a motorcycle? This is triggered by various factors, one of which is the heat temperature. When the heat in the trunk of a motorcycle will increase the temperature of the cellphone and trigger sparks to grab a motorcycle gasoline tank. Avoid storing your cellphone in a high-temperature place.

It should be noted that the temperature of the cellphone will increase, especially during charging. If the charge of the cellphone is carried out in a high-temperature room, the potential for the cellphone to explode is very large. Do charging in a cool room and not directly exposed to the sun.

Don't ever think about hitting a phone with a heavy object or something flammable, especially when you're recharging. Pressure on the phone will have an impact on the phone battery. It can trigger a burning phone.

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