4 How To Remove Ads On Android Phones Based On Their Emergence Without Ribet
Illustration of advertisements on Android (Stevepb/Pixabay)

YOGYAKARTA Advertising on Android (HP) is very disturbing. In order not to be disturbed by its existence, you must know how to remove advertisements on Android phones. Ads can be disabled quite simply.

As is known, advertisements on HP appear because of various reasons, one of which is on applications installed or installed on mobile phones. Many applications include advertisements as one of the returns of services provided free of charge to users. In fact, advertising cannot be accelerated and cannot beskiped.

The appearance of advertisements can also be caused because you open or visit foreign websites via a browser. This ad is deliberately installed by the owner of the website you visit. The reason for the appearance of ads can also be caused by settings in Google Chrome.

It should be noted that advertisements on Android phones can appear anywhere, ranging from applications, browsers, on key screens, and so on. How to get rid of advertisements on cellphones in general can be done through the settings, namely as follows.

Ads can be dammed with the AdBlock feature available in various trusted browser mobiles such as Google Chrome, Opera, atay UC Browser. With this feature, users don't have to worry about being disturbed by advertising. How to activate ad block in the browser is as follows.

Android phone users can take advantage of the Play Protect feature from the Google Play Store to avoid advertisements on their cellphones. The method of using this feature is as follows.

Advertising on Android phones can appear on locked HP screens. This appearance exists because notification settings on HP are not yet deactivated. To hide this ad, take the following steps.

Those are some ways to get rid of advertisements on Android phones. Visit VOI.ID to get more interesting information.

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