JAKARTA - Borussia Dortmund is the most likely to get Manchester United winger Jadon Sancho. However, suddenly West Ham United as a competitor who is also interested in borrowing Sancho.

Sancho had to leave Old Trafford to save his career. The reason is, Sancho is no longer part of the MU squad as long as he doesn't apologize to Manager Erik ten Hag.

Dortmund, the former Sancho club, is interested in bringing back this 23-year-old player to play in the Bundesliga. Moreover, Sancho was indeed successful while playing at Die Borussen.

During four seasons in Germany, he scored 50 goals and 64 assists from 137 appearances with Die Borussen in various competitions.

Sancho also brought Dortmund to win the German Cup or DFB-Pokal 2021 and the German Super Cup or DFL-Supercup 2019.

Contrast to Sancho's achievements at MU. He was recruited in 2021 at a high price of 73 million.

However, manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who was handling MU at that time, rarely played him. In fact, Solskjaer himself asked MU to bring Sancho.

When Ten Hag replaced Solskjaer, Sancho's fate did not change. He only played 82 times in various competitions.

Even so, Sanco was still able to score 12 goals and brought MU to win the Carabao Cup 2023.

Failed to perform optimally while at MU and then clashed with Ten Hag making Sancho hope to leave. The club is ready to release the player.

Dortmund wanted to take advantage of that opportunity. However, they are only willing to accommodate Sancho on loan until the end of the season.

Sancho's high salary is indeed a bit difficult for Dortmund, mesko MU will also support his salary.

However, Dortmund had a competitor from Bundesliga clubs, such as Bayer Leverkusen, RB Leipzig and Stuttgart. However, Dortmund is the most likely to repatriate Sancho.

The problem is, the transfer market for players with short contracts remains hot. Finally, West Ham hopes to win Sancho which is almost certain to Dortmund.

Manager David Moyes is monitoring the Sancho situation at MU. The reason is, the Hammers need wingers.

Moyes assessed that Sancho could be West Ham's short-term solution. Like Dortmund, the London club also only borrowed Sancho until the end of the season.

However, Sancho's fate could change at MU. The arrival of Sir Jim Radcliffe, the new owner of MU's shares even though only 25% through INEOS, will determine whether Sancho is allowed to leave or is instead maintained.

Although not the majority shareholder, Ratcliffe has full rights to determine who wants to leave or come.

Well, the richest person in Great Britain is said to be firing Ten Hag who did not show any good performance this season.

If the former Ajax Amsterdam coach is dismissed, Sancho will even have the opportunity to stay at MU. The reason is, he only clashed with Ten Hag and Radcliffe gave a signal against Sancho.

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