Ukraine-Denmark Signs 10-Year Security Treaty
ILUSTRATE/PHOTO via Instagram @zelenskyy_official

JAKARTA - Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said his country had signed a security agreement with Denmark on Denmark's official visit Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen to Lviv City in western Ukraine.

"This is a strong document that affirms Denmark's full support for our people. This (Parliament) includes the minimum assistance of 1.8 billion euros (around Rp30.4 trillion) this year," said Zelenskyy as quoted by ANTARA from Anadolu, Saturday, February 24.

Denmark will also support efforts to maintain the capabilities of F-16 fighter jets holistically through the Air Force's Coalition of Ability by providing fighter jets, ammunition, simulators, training, and maintenance, he said, adding.Zelenskyy said the two countries continue to strive to create a new security architecture for Ukraine, and thank Denmark for its solidarity with the Ukrainian people in the midst of the war against Russia which will enter its third year. Separate statements from the Ukrainian presidency say that the 10-year agreement documents signed by Zelenskyy and Frederiksen are based on the provisions of the G7 declaration at the summit of NATO in Lithuania last July. The document outlines the main components of Denmark's security commitment to Ukraine, including military and long-term financial assistance, and outlines the priority areas of bilateral security cooperation in the military and non-military fields, including politics, finance, humanity, and reform efforts.

In addition to military support worth 1.8 billion euros for the year, the Ukrainian Support Fund from Denmark will provide 8.5 billion euros (approximately Rp. 143.6 trillion) in the form of military and long-term civilian support until 2028, according to the statement. Denmark will also support efforts to maintain Ukraine's F-16 capabilities through the Air Force's Coalition of Ability, and that the two countries will work together so that Ukraine is capable of countering cyberattacks, cyber espionage, and Russian hybrid warfare. Meanwhile, Frederiksen said at a press conference following his meeting with Zelenskyy that F-16 fighter jets given to Ukraine could start using this summer. "We postponed the transfer of F-16 to Ukraine only for technical reasons, technical problems. Because we need serious infrastructure to maintain these fighter aircraft, and training for the F-16 is much longer and more extensive than any other weapon system," said Frederiksen.

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