Fatir Korban Perundungan Di Bekasi Yang Harus Diamputasi Meninggal Dunia
Acting Bekasi Regent Dani Ramdan (front right) when he had the opportunity to visit Fatir at Dharmais Hospital Jakarta some time ago. (ANTARA/Pradita Kurniawan Syah).

BEKASI - Fatir Arya Adinata (12) a student from South Tambun, Bekasi Regency, West Java, who was a victim of bullying and underwent leg amputation surgery, died.

"Yes, that's right, please pray. Fatir died today at 02.25 WIB at Hermina Bekasi Hospital," said family attorney Fatir Mila Ayu Dewata Sari, quoted by ANTARA, Thursday, December 7.

He mentioned the chronology of the incident began when Fair experienced a drop in condition and shortness of breath while at home. Then he was immediately taken to Multazam Medika Hospital in Bekasi.

"The results of the examination in Fatir's lungs were liquid until they were finally referred to the Dharmais Hospital in Jakarta for action," he said.

After receiving a number of medical measures, Fatir was finally allowed to return home after being declared in good condition before returning to the Hermina Hospital treatment room due to shortness of breath for the second time.

"Last Wednesday Fatir experienced shortness of breath again until he was finally taken to the Hermina Hospital in Bekasi. Fatir was declared dead on Thursday morning," he said.

Mila Ayu also hopes that this incident can be learned as well as valuable lessons on how bullying can have a dangerous impact on victims and even cause physical illness, defects, to death.

"Hopefully what happened to Fatir's younger brother will be the last time and in the future there should be no more similar incidents happening again. Let's fight bullying together, every community has a role to play to prevent this case from happening," he said.

The case of bullying or bullying resulted in Fatir Arya Adinata (12) having to lose his left leg due to amputation medical action. The bullying was obtained when he attended SD Negeri Jatimulya 09. His leg was "sled" by a friend until he was injured.

It was later discovered that Fatir had a bone cancer disease in one of his legs. Through medical treatment, one of the legs, namely the left side, underwent amputation surgery at Dharmais Hospital, Jakarta.

The family had previously reported the bullying case to the Bekasi Metro Police. The police have also named one suspect in this bullying case.

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