Prevent Floods, Medan City Government Begins To Fix Drainage Along 16 Thousand Meters
Illustration of floods (ANTARA)

The Medan City Government, North Sumatra, continues to fix drainage, one of which is through the installation of u-ditch or concrete drainage of more than 16 thousand meters until July 2023 to prevent flooding.

"From January to July 20, 2023, we have dealt with 16,621 meters of drainage," said Head of the Medan City Construction Highways Water Resources Office, Topan Ginting, quoted by ANTARA, Tuesday, July 25.

This 16,621 meter long drainage improvement, he continued, was carried out at 38 road locations, both in the center and in the suburbs.

All of these drainages were installed u-dicth, except for work in the former Dutch ditch located in Medan Labuhan District using sheet piles.

"This improvement includes the urban drainage system development program, increasing urban drainage, building environmental drainage systems, and increasing environmental drainage," he said.

He explained that the urban drainage system development program was carried out at eight points, including the RPH road to Jalan Mangaan I along 790 meters, Jalan Madio Utomo and Jalan Pelita VI along 439 meters.

Meanwhile, the increase in urban drainage was carried out at 14 points, including Jalan Karya Tani with a length of 597 meters, and Jalan Selebes in Belawan II Village with a length of 495 meters.

The construction of an environmental drainage system in four locations, namely the former Dutch trench with a length of 1248 meters, Jalan Jala with a length of 706 meters, Jalan AMD with a length of 866 meters, and Jalan Air Bersih along 522 meters.

Untuk peningkatan drenases lingkungan dilaksanakan di 12 titik, di antaranya Jalan Marelan I sepanjang 827 meter, Jalan Pasar III sepanjang 379 meter, dan Jalan Suka Terang-Suka Menang-Suka Senang-Suka Senang sepanjang 194 meter. Kemudian, Jalan Jermal VII sepanjang 112 meter, Jalan Saudung 685 meter, Jalan Jati II sepanjang 478 meter, Jalan Jermal XVII sepanjang 172 meter, dan Jalan Aswad sepanjang 166 meter.

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