4040 Electric Conversion Vehicles And Slank Edition Scooter Will Enliven Slank's 40th Anniversary
Slank and the scorers that have been converted into electric vehicles by Elders Elettrico. (ANTARA/Chairul Rohman)

JAKARTA - The latest news came from one of the Indonesian rock band groups, Slank. The group, which was founded in 1983, will be 40 years old in December 2023.

To welcome the 40th anniversary of this legendary band, Elders Elettrico will present 4040 units of conversion motors and there will be 40 units of the Slank edition of electric conversion scorers.

Elders Elettrico CEO Heret Frasthio said that in making this conversion motorbike, there will be more involvement in restoration workshops in Indonesia to stimulate the electric vehicle ecosystem in Indonesia.

In restoring this electrical Scooter, we will involve other restoration friends. This is an idea that we are moving so that the restoration workshop also has benefits from this collaboration. So later there will be 40 restoration workshops involved," said Heret in a joint discussion with Slank in Jakarta, Wednesday.

The collaboration between Slank and Elders Elettrico is also intended to assist the government in accelerating the green vehicle ecosystem in the country, which is currently still relatively sloping.

According to him, the conventional vehicle conversion program to electric vehicles must be more socialized. Involving Slank, which has a big name in the music industry, will be a major breakthrough to make conversion services that are being promoted by the Ministry of Energy Mineral Resources (ESDM).

"The conversion program of electric motorcycles has not been massively received by the public, therefore Elders Elettrico took the initiative to collaborate with the band Slank, which has the same vision as us in an effort to keep the earth sustainable through the motorcycle conversion program," said Heret.

Through the Ride to Better Future Elders Elettrico x Slank program, we will provide a conversion program that is easily accepted by the public. We will cooperate with several relevant stakeholders including our partner conversion workshops in realizing this program," he added.

Having the same vision and mission in protecting the surrounding nature, Slank welcomes the conversion collaboration of electric vehicles. According to Slank vocalist, Kaka, energy efficiency, especially in the transportation sector, is already a must in favor of the environment.

"Through the conversion program of electric motorcycles that are being run by the government, it is our basis to contribute in the context of concern for the environment on an ongoing basis," Kaka said at the same location, quoted by ANTARA, Wednesday, September 27.

According to him, Elders Elettrico has the ability to present thousands of conversions of these electric motors on a large scale. In this collaboration, there are several designs produced from the vocalist as in the logo section.

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