MUI Affirms Halal Polio Vaccine In Today's Memory, February 22, 2016
Giving polio vaccines to toddlers is very important to prevent the polio disease outbreak. (Between)

JAKARTA Memories of today, eight years ago, February 22, 2016, the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) confirmed that the polio vaccine is halal. It is natural because the polio vaccine has gone through a fire process so that it is sacred and can be used.

Previously, not a few Muslims did not want to immunize vaccines. Many of them think that the provision of vaccines has many disadvantages, rather than benefits. Mainly the basic ingredients of vaccines whose halalness is doubtful.

Vaccination/immunization is actually the key in maintaining health. However, not a few also reject the idea of the importance of immunization. Rumors of the presence of a vaccine, especially the polio vaccine, which is not halal, is the cause. polio vaccine is considered to contain pork enzymes.

This narrative makes every polio vaccine that enters the body doubtful. This condition is exacerbated by the view that immunization is a step ahead of fate. All because someone's life comes from the Creator's destiny, not because of vaccines.

Anyone who tries to offer a vaccine is considered to have tried to master God's destiny. That understanding continues to remain silent in the people. However, MUI is also hot with baseless views regarding immunization. MUI thinks maintaining health is a must for Muslims. In fact, it is mandatory.

Health is able to enable Muslims to carry out activities and worship. MUI also tried to make a breakthrough so that all Muslims were no longer afraid to immunize. Fatwa related to vaccine safety and halalness was issued on January 23, 2016.

The fatwa numbered 04 of 2016. The presence of the fatwa tries to eliminate all kinds of Islamic fear of vaccines. MUI also dares to guarantee the halalness of vaccines and encourages parents to immediately immunize their children in full.

"That Islamic teachings strongly encourage people to always maintain health, which in practice can be done through preventive efforts. So as not to get sick and seek treatment when sick to get health back, namely by immunization."

"That immunization, as one of the medical measures to prevent contracting certain diseases, is beneficial for preventing serious illness, disability and death; that there is a rejection of some people against immunization, either because of religious understanding that immunization practices are considered to precede fate or because the vaccines used are doubtful of their halalness," explained MUI in its considerations.

Fatwa was also deemed insufficient. MUI tries to reiterate that vaccines, especially polio vaccines, are halal. This view was directly expressed by a member of the MUI Fatwa Commission, Arwani Faishal on February 22, 2016.

He said the public does not need to worry about the halalness of the polio vaccine. Even though the manufacturing process is mixed with unclean or haram material. All polio vaccines made have experienced a depletion stage that makes their halalness guaranteed.

Arwani also appealed to the Indonesian people not to be influenced by rumors related to polio vaccines of many disadvantages, rather than benefits. He also invited the public to seek correct and straightforward information regarding the benefits of the polio vaccine.

"Vaccines, including for polio, were the beginning of the process mixed with blood, for example. But in stages it has gone through a fire process so that it is sacred and can be used".

"Indeed, there are those who vehemently reject various vaccines for use. They argue that the vaccine contains pork enzymes or other unclean materials. Have they ever tested the lab? Whereas in making the vaccine there is a process of making it sacred, so that at the end there is no haram or unclean material," said Arwani as quoted by Antara, February 22, 2016.

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