Pomade Browser Application Makes It Easy For Women To Maintain Alis Beauty
Women's Beauty (pixabay)

JAKARTA - Alis is very important in appearance because it functions to frame the whole face to look more beautiful. The shape of the eyebrows will usually balance between shape and length with the width of each person's cheekbone or face. So that the shape of the face will look more proportional.

No wonder one of the most sought after beauty products is eyebrow products. There are a variety of products for eyebrows, such as pencils, automatic pencils, eyebrow mascaras, to pomades.

This pomade-shaped eyebrow product has a unique shape, namely using packaging in a jar which is applied using a special eyebrow brush. Implora Cosmetics also launched a pomade-shaped eyebrow product, namely Implora WOW! Brow Pomade.

This new product is expected to increase women's confidence in the appearance of their eyebrows because it is easy to use for beginners in makeup, not easily fades due to water and sweat, chicken products, and lasts up to 24 hours.

WOW! Pomade Brow is present in 4 Badminton, namely Black, Medium Brown, Dark Gray, and Dark Brown which can be adjusted to the hair color and makeup look they want to get. This product is also easy to use for beginners to professionals in the field of makeup," said Asa Sabanul Karimah as Implora Brand Manager when contacted Friday, November 10.

This eyebrow product weighing 22.5 Grams is priced at IDR 22 thousand which is equipped with a brush as an applicator to make natural eyebrows easy.

"We continue to strive to continue to innovate to provide quality products that suit market needs. Implora adds one eyebrow makeup variant, namely Browse WOW! Pomade with a pomade texture that is easy to use with just one swipe and lasts up to 24 hours. We can not only make party eyebrows make up on point, we can also make a bushy browser which is currently trending for natural eyebrows that look thick. We listen and follow current market trends," he continued.

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