Being A Victim Of Fraud On WhatsApp Because Of Klik's Origin, Baim Wong: This Is Very Horrifying
Baim Wong (Instagram @baimwong)

JAKARTA Through a video uploaded on Instagram, Baim stated that he was a victim of fraud under the guise of malware sent via a WhatstApp message. According to him, the hacking of data was carried out by the perpetrators by utilizing the WhatsApp feature to exploit negligence and habits of application users who were less thorough with message traffic that entered the gadget of their owner.

"Recently I experienced a disaster. I received a WhatsApp message from a number I didn't know. The sender claimed to be a courier and sent a package photo in the form of a file and I happened to be ordering goods online. I didn't just click because I wanted to make sure the package, "Baim said when contacted Friday, November 3.

According to Baim, he felt something was strange when the message was opened. According to him, what appeared at that time was only a display of loading files for a while. Due to his busy schedule, he admitted that he did not heed his suspicions at that time, and continued his daily activities.

However, a week later he admitted that he was surprised by several bank transfer notifications between his account and another unknown bank account. "I immediately contacted the bank, and decided to block the account," he said.

Baim apparently did not interfere, Baim tried to find various information in cyberspace. He admitted that he found several reports and information on incidents similar to the mode of data theft he experienced.

"This is a very scary one. The mode is by utilizing the message feature with files, there are also those who send notifications, promos, and OTP codes via WhatsApp. Some even take the name of government agencies by sending electronic ticket files which turn out to be malware and there are already victims, their accounts are drained to billions," said Baim.

Departing from the literacy, and maintaining data security, he took the initiative to immediately block all of his accounts. Baim checked all of his financial service applications and changed passwords for all of these applications.

Referring to what happened to him, he reminded the government to take steps against the proliferation of fraudulent models on WhatsApp and encourage people to continue to be careful when sending, seeing, and opening promo WhatsApp messages, notifications, OTP, password updates and others.

Friends are careful using messaging applications such as WhatsApp. Many parties are not responsible for using WhatsApp to carry out hacking and fraud, which leads to losses, both material and non-material," concluded Baim.

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