JAKARTA Apple is rumored to be discontinuing and a FineWoven-based smart watch. In fact, the environmentally friendly accessory was only launched in the fall last year. This news was shared by Kosutami's account on platform X, quoted from 9to5mac. The Apple feature and device leak says that FineWoven will no longer be produced due to its resilience problem. Apple will also turn to other ingredients. "FineWoven has been lost. Because of its poor durability. All production lines are stopped and removed. Apple will switch to other ingredients "Once again, not skin (like FineWoven). So until a meeting in hell of the skin," Kusotami wrote on Sunday, April 21. This news is not surprising because FineWoven has indeed received many complaints from its users. Since its first release, many have said that FineWoven-based accessories are easy to abrage, dirty, and are hit by other problems.

However, FineWoven does feel like a very premium material compared to skin products, it's just that the price remains the same. Unfortunately, this material still can't compete with the resistance of accessories with leather materials. Apple should pay more attention to the strength of the accessories they will produce. Supposedly, casings and smartwatch ropes are not only environmentally friendly and comfortable, but also can be avoided from various kinds of simple problems. Apple has not confirmed this news even though it's already widely discussed. To find out if Apple plans to launch a FineWoven replacement, we have to wait until the company launches the iPhone 16 lineup at the end of this year.

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