A senior meteorologist from environmental technology company KISTERS, Johan Jaques, has issued a warning regarding the possibility of a 'weather war' between countries if the 'cloud seeding' technology is not well controlled. This happened after flooding in Dubai raised concerns about artificially manipulation of rainfall.

According to Jaques, acts of interference with natural precipitation patterns can result in 'unintended consequences', which could even lead to 'plomatic instability'.

"Every time we interfere with a natural precipitation pattern, we create a series of events that are difficult to control," said Jaques.

At the same time, Jaques stated that concerns regarding weather manipulation and climate change issues have been increasingly being considered in recent days, especially after flooding in Dubai caused widespread disruption and damage to infrastructure.

Cloud seeding involves injecting chemicals into clouds to trigger rain. In the United Arab Emirates, this technology is believed to increase rainfall between 15 and 25 percent every year.

Meteorologists at the United Arab Emirates National Center for Meteorology (NCM) have also reported that several flights to seed clouds were carried out days before heavy rains hit Dubai.

Even so, speculation regarding the use of cloud seeding techniques later made NCM deny that this operation was carried out on Tuesday, April 16 in the hours before the storm. However, NCM confirmed that cloud seeding was carried out on Sunday and Monday.

Experts also note the possible impact of climate change in causing extreme weather patterns in the United Arab Emirates.

Dim Coumou, a professor in the field of climate extremism at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, said that 'rainfall from thunderstorms, as has happened in the United Arab Emirates in recent days, has seen a very strong increase with warming'.

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