YouTube Music And YouTube Premium Exceed 100 Million Customers
YouTube Music and Premium past 100 million subscribers (photo: Unsplash)

JAKARTA - Vice President Adam Smith's YouTube Product Management has announced that paid services from YouTube have now reached more than 100 million subscribers.

"Today, with pleasure and humility, we convey that YouTube Music and Premium have surpassed 100 million subscribers, including trials," Smith said in his announcement.

The YouTube Premium subscription service launched in 2015, along with the launch of the YouTube Music app. YouTube says that this launch is designed to provide a different experience for users.

Through this service, users are expected to enjoy YouTube without interruptions, playback and downloads in the background, and complete music services and services with the largest catalog in the world.

"In the process, we learned a lot, made some changes (and even made brand changes), expanded our offerings and plans, and made YouTube Music and Premium available in more than 100 countries and territories," he added.

Therefore, YouTube continues to bring new innovations to its services, including adding Premium subscribers' ability to continue watching YouTube on devices such as smart TVs and tablets, as well as introducing a refined version of HD 1080p.

Not to forget, YouTube is also experimenting with a new generative AI feature which is one of the Premium users who first tried it.

"And for listeners, we introduced the Sample tab, a quick way to find new music, experience making fully customized radios, and bringing podcasts to YouTube Music," he concluded.

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