Google Launches Android 14 QPR2 Beta To Fix Bugs On Pixel Devices
Google fix bugs with new OS (photo: dock. Google)

Googlukan sistem operasi (OS) Android 14 QPR2 Beta untuk memperbaikibugdi beberapa perangkat Pixel. Pembaruan OS ini diluncurkan pada Rabu, 23 Januari lalu.

Based on the findings of 9to5google, Android 14 QPR2 Beta with the AP11,231215,009 patch is compatible for seven Pixel series, including Pixel 5a, Pixel 6series, Pixel 7series, Pixel 8series, Pixel Tablet, and Pixel Fold.

This latest operating system will fix dozens of issues such as preventing overlay in landscape mode, correcting device problems that fail to unlock, and correcting default tuning errors for search engines.

In addition, Android 14 QPR2 Beta will improve the decline in audio quality, improve the appearance of Fast Settings that don't want to be updated, repair errors when changing the keyboard settings, and fix lost translations.

Furthermore, this OS will also improve the work profile icon which is not displayed when the work profile is paused, repair the spreader which does not want to be translated, improve the appearance of the tablet screen which is suddenly gray, and much more.

Not only fixing the fixes that cause a lot of problems, this newly launched OS will receive an over-the-air (OTA) update, programming with the latest software update method, to the QPR2 Beta 3.1.

Although this update has been released, some users may not have received an Android 14 QPR2 Beta update. The reason is, Google is still rolling out this update in stages.

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