Onic Esports Moves Smoothly In The M5 World Championship Group Phase
Onic Esports went smoothly by winning their first match at the Main Stage M5 World Championship (photo: Antara)

JAKARTA - Indonesian representatives in the Mobile Legends world championship: Bang Bang Bang (MLBB) Onic Esports went smoothly by winning their first match at the Main Stage M5 World Championship group phase which took place in Manila, Philippines, Saturday.

In a match broadcast online by the official MLBB Esports channel, Onic managed to beat Brazil's Bigetron Sons with a net score of 2-0 in the best of three format or match system to win two first wins.

Joining the squad as champions of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang South East Asia Championship (MSC) 2023 in June, CW, Sanz, Butss, Kiboy, and Kairi appeared aggressive from the start by taking the first turtle andulants.

Quoting Antara, Onic's dominant game made BTR Sons Buzizio, Blink, Sindra, LunnaOmBotak and Supper Uppa players unable to do much.

The Indonesian team managed to finish the first game in just ten minutes to win 1-0 over the Samba Country team with 10 kill points compared to 1 kill point.

In the second game, Onic Esports returned to the land of dawn with full strength. Kairi managed to get the first tourle, which was followed up with CW's success in taking the first blood.

The strategy carried by BTR Sons cannot develop due to the pressure of Kiboy and Sanz. As a result, Brazilian players are confined to their own bases.

The second game did not last long either. The Indonesian team managed to end the Brazilian team's resistance in the 13th minute with a difference of nine kill points to win the 2-0 match.

Before the Onic Esports vs BTR Sons match took place, other Indonesian representatives Geek Fam also had their first match in the M5 World Championship group phase.

Unlike his compatriots, Geek Fam had to lose 0-2 to Home Boy from Malaysia.

Geek Fam had taken the lead at the beginning of the game in the first game, but Home Bous put up a fierce fight that forced Indonesian players to play until the late game to hand over the first game points.

Home Boy tries to maintain the rhythm of the game in the second game by appearing aggressive. Geek Fam, who initially managed to put up a strong fight, finally couldn't withstand the attack from the neighboring country team, until finally Baloyskie et al had to give up 0-2.

In the group phase which takes place from Saturday to Thursday (7/12), each team has a three-time chance to compete to collect the highest points.

Furthermore, Geek Fam is scheduled to compete on Monday (4/12) against the Ohio Brothers from the US. The next match for Onic Esports is on Tuesday (5/12) against Triple Esports from Saudi Arabia.

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