What Is Machine Learning? Check Out Understanding, How It Works And Benefits In Daily Life
Illustration of machine learning (Photo: Pixabay/mozartt)

YOGYAKARTA What is machine learning? Machine learning (ML) or machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) which is very interesting, because it is able to adapt human ability to learn.

The use of machine learning is very useful in everyday life. This technology can learn existing data and carry out tasks of course according to what he studies.

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According to IBM's page, machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer science that focuses on using data and algorithms to emulate how human learning and survives to improve its accuracy.

ML was developed from various disciplines such as statistics, mathematics and data mining so that the machine can learn by analyzing data without having to be re-programd or ordered.

This learning machine has the ability to obtain existing data with its own orders.

ML can also learn the existing data and the data it can so that it can perform certain tasks. The tasks that can be done by competing learning are also very diverse, depending on what he learns.

The term machine learning is echoed by a number of mathematical sciences, such as Adrien Marie Legendre, Thomas Bayes and Andrey Markov in the 1920s. They put forward the basics of machine learning and concepts. Since then, there have been many parties developing learning machines.

One example of the most popular implementation of machine learning is Deep Blue made by IBM in 1996.

Deep Blue is a learning machine developed so that they can learn and play chess. Deep Blue has been tested by playing chess against professional chess champions. As a result, Deep Blue came out as the winner of the chess match.

Machine learning has helped humans a lot in various fields. You can find the implementation of ML in everyday life. For example, when you use the face unlock feature to open a smartphone.

Another example, when you're surfing online, you've certainly seen some ads. Well, the advertisements displayed are the result of ML processing which will provide ads according to your personal.

How Machine Learning Works

How machine learning works is divided into three building blocks which include models, parameters, and learners. Here's the explanation:

How this machine learning works makes it easier for developers to optimize various things related to the operation of machine learning. This way of working is carried out in a sequentially and each of them is related to each other.

Benefits of Machine Learning

Machine learning provides benefits for human life in various sectors, such as:

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