Wireless Mouse Excess And Shortages For PCs And Laptops
Advantages and deficiencies of wireless mouse (Carival image of Ivan Esquivel Arteaga-Unsplash)

YOGYAKARTA - For gamers and workers, you have a laptop or PC if you don't have a mouse, it's like a vegetable without salt. This is because the mouse is quite helpful in making it easier for us to work on computers. Along with the times, the mouse now has two types, namely cables and wireless. This time we will discuss what the advantages and shortages of wireless mouse are, here's the explanation.

Wireless Mouse Excess

1. Easy to carry

The advantage that is favored in this wireless mouse type is because the process of carrying it is relatively simple. This is because the cable mouse is considered complicated because it must be rolled up before being carried.

But keep in mind, before carrying a wireless mouse, make sure if the on button and off are turned off so it's not too wasteful.

2. Looks Rapi

Wireless mice have the advantage of not using cables that can make the table look neater.

Meanwhile, if you use a cable mouse, of course there are cables milling around the table so that it makes it uncomfortable to see.

3. More flexible movement

This makes it easier for you if you want to use a mouse with a longer distance. It is usually used if you want to use a large screen such as a Television connected to a laptop, and you can also relax on the sofa.

Not only that, using wireless mouse presentations in class can also be done from a fairly far distance from the laptop. You can take this mouse while going around the classroom while providing interaction with the audience.

Wireless Mouse Shortage

1. Receiver Is Easy To Lose

Receiver is a very important feature for wireless mouse. Because this feature will receive signal input from the mouse to be forwarded to pc or laptop.

If this item does not exist, then the mouse will not be used at all. This usually happens when you use a mouse in 2 features. The dimension of this receiver is also small so that if you fall it will not cause a sound.

Generally to minimize this matter, there are some wireless mice that have a place to put a receiver in the mouse. So you buy something like that.

2. Long Sustainable Power

One of the shortcomings of the wireless mouse is its long-lasting power. This limited energy is caused by the energy resources used to turn the mouse on, namely using a battery.

If the mouse battery has run out, of course, the mouse cannot be used. So, it's a good idea to always carry a spare battery if you have a mouse of this type.

This battery life will also greatly affect if there is RGB in the mouse. There are some mice such as 'brand mouse gaming', which have an application to set the choice of lighting to be used.

But there are many mice that do not have applications so that the mouse itself cannot be automatically tuned. Generally, there is no mouse with RGB that has a switch to turn off its RGB, so this also affects how long the battery can last.

It's true, the wireless mouse has a mechanism to turn off itself after a few minutes of use, later when you want to use it again, just press one of the mouse buttons!

3. Tougher

This wireless mouse has a slightly heavier weight when compared to a cable mouse. This is common because the presence of batteries in this mouse will feel heavier than those using cables.

Generally, there will be problems when used for the first time. But these obstacles will disappear after getting used to using this mouse.

3. More Expensive Price

For wireless mice, the cost is generally more expensive when compared to a wired mouse. Because using wireless technology, it means that you must use radio technology which can increase the budget for making the mouse itself.

But in reality, currently the wireless mouse itself costs under 100 thousand, maybe the quality is not very good and also durable. The term, there is a price, there is quality, so it can be considered by you to buy wireless mouse.

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