Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg To Announce Metaverse Plan At Meta Connect Event
Meta Platform Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerberg, (photo; Whatsapp Mark Zuckerberg)

JAKARTA - Meta Platform Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerberg, on Wednesday 27 September will provide investors with updates on his plans to build an immersive metaverse that he has offered as the company's computing future in the company's first direct conference since the start of the pandemic.

Announcement at Meta Connect, Meta's biggest show of the year, will show how Zuckerberg plans and faces this year's shift from investor enthusiasm to artificial intelligence from augmentation and virtual reality technology.

The level of interest in this event is very high, because last year investors criticized companies in control of Facebook and Instagram for massively spending money on the metaverse, which forced Zuckerberg to cut his workforce to continue funding his vision.

Developers will pay attention to what they might create for Meta's latest hardware, such as the latest virtual reality Quest headset to launch this fall. Meanwhile, investors will look for signs of whether the stakes that have cost the company more than $40 billion since 2021 will probably be successful.

According to two sources, one of the top priorities for the day will involve a virtual artificial intelligence assistant with a distinctive personality that is planned to be implanted in Meta applications. The Wall Street Journal initially reported the plan to announce a generating AI chatbot on Connect.

As before the event, Meta said it was carrying out plans announced earlier last year to launch mobile and web versions of its flagship social VR platform, Horizon Worlds. They also secretly add feet to virtual reality avatars that were previously focused solely on the body's top, as seen in the VIR Upload industry blog.

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