Match Group Appoints Former Head Of Zygna To Lead AI-focused Team
Match Group buat tim yang berfokus pada AI (foto: Unsplash)

JAKARTA - After launching the AI-powered feature, Match Group, the parent company of online dating app Tinder appears to be starting to get serious about developing Generative AI.

Recently, the Dallas, Texas-based company appointed former head of growth Zynga, Mark Kantor as vice president of innovation.

The office, which also co-founded startups such as Yellowbrick and Graphiti, will lead a small team of engineers and designers focused on bringing new technologies to the Match Group app.

Called the ASL (Art x Science Lab) office team, the team will focus on developing tools that will help increase the involvement and security of users of its dating apps.

"Utilizing our emerging generative AI solutions will be one of the main focus areas, as we are looking for ways to make it easier for users to engage in dating apps, provide tools to help users showcase their individuality, and further improve the security and accessibility of our apps," CTO Will Wu wrote to TechCrunch.

In addition, Match Group also revealed why the company contacted the ASL team. In addition to the abbreviation of Art x Science Lab, ASL is also an old-school abbreviation that refers to age, gender, location.

Previously, Tinder was also reportedly testing the AI photo selection feature on its dating platform. This AI-supported feature will view the user's photo album and select the five most representative photos of the user's personality for their dating profile.

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