Ripple Vs SEC Case: A Disguise Of Hope For XRP Token Holders
Illustration of XRP Coins. (Photo; Doc. Quote Inspector)

JAKARTA - The Ripple vs SEC case is still a big concern in the crypto industry, especially for XRP token holders. Although court decisions are still waiting, there are several facts and opinions that have surfaced regarding the possible final results of this case.

John Deaton, a lawyer representing more than 70,000 XRP token holders, said that only if Ripple wins against the SEC, there will be a logical settlement opportunity in the form of an agreement.

In his recent comments, Deaton said that there would be no chance of a settlement if the SEC won the lawsuit. Meanwhile, Ripple Labs and its executives believe XRP will win.

CryptoPotato melaporkan temuan yang menarik terkait SEC AS yang kalah dalam gugatan yang diawasi oleh Hakim Analisa Torres, yang juga sekarang bertanggung jawab atas gugatan XRP Vs SEC. Pada tahun 2019, hakim memutuskan melawan agensi regulasi dalam gugatan SEC vs Rio Tinto.

When the SEC filed an appeal, the appeals court defended the judge's decision, according to attorney Jeremy Hogan. Therefore, this forms an important precedent against the SEC by the same judge who oversaw Ripple's lawsuit.

In addition, the SEC may face new challenges in the future in 2023 if the US Supreme Court removes the Chevron Doctrine. Previously CoinGape reported that the top US court agreed to consider a proposal to review the decision to make a federal agency power decision through this doctrine.

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