Complete Results Of Indonesian Representatives At The 2023 Asian Games Hangzhou Wednesday 27 September
Indonesian women's tennis player, Aldila Sutjiadi. (Photo via Antara)

JAKARTA The Indonesian contingent has just finished the struggle at the 2023 Asian Games, Wednesday, September 27. Here are the full results of Indonesian representatives.

For today, Indonesia has succeeded in adding three medals. Even without additional gold medals, Indonesia was able to win one silver medal and two bronze medals.

The two bronze medals came from wushu's sport. The first medal was presented by Seraf athlete Naro Siregar who took part in the Men's Daoshu & Gunshu All-Round number.

Then the next medal was presented by Tharisa athlete Dea Florentina. Tariqa lost to Iran's representative Samiroumi Elaheh Mansoryan in the women's 52 kilograms.

In addition, Indonesia also received an additional silver medal from athlete Sanggoe Darma Tanjung. He brought home a medal from skateboarding in the Men's street number. From this sport, China received gold and bronze.

The addition of these three medals makes Indonesia's position in the eighth place in the standings for the provisional medal.

Total Indonesia has collected 12 medals. The details are three gold medals, two silver medals, and seven bronze medals.


Women's Team:

Round 1, vs Singapore, Win (15.06) vs (4.94);

Round 2, Vs Hong Kong, Win (15.26) vs (4.74)

Round 3, vs China, lost (8.72) vs (11.28).

Mixed Team:

Round 1, vs China, Lose (8.72) vs (11.28)

Round 2, vs Pakistan, Lose (6.28) vs (13.72)

Round 3, vs Thailand, Lose (8.13) vs (11.87)


Women's Air Rifle 3 Positions, Qualification, Not Qualifying To Final

Women's air team rifle 3 positions, Final, Rank 9, No Medals.


Men's Daoshu + gunshu, Serat Naro Siregar, Final, Bronze Medal

Women's jianshu + qianshu, final, Not Getting Medals

Women's 52 kg, Indonesia vs Iran, semifinals, Bronze Medal

Men's 65 kilograms, Indonesia Vs Philippines, Samuel Marbun, Semifinals, Advance To The Final Round


Women's team, Indonesia vs Japan, Pool B, Indonesia Lose


Men's 100 meters Butterfly, Heat 4, Failed To Final

Women's 100 meters backstroke, Heat 2, Failed To Final

Women's 100 meters backstroke, Heat 4, Failed to Final

Men's 200 meters freestyle, Heat 5, Failed To Final

Mixed 4x100 meters medley relay, Heat 2, Final, Not Medal


Women's Keirin, Wiji Lestari, Heat 2, Failed To Finish

Women's Keirin, Wiji Lestari, Repechage, Failed To Semifinals


Women's double, vs Korea,ctional Gumulya/Jessy Rompies, quarter-finals, Indonesia lost

Mixed doubles, Round of 16, David Agung Susanto/Jessy Rompies vs Korea, Indonesia Loses

Women's Double, Aldila Sutjiadi/Janice Tjen vs Korea, quarter-finals, Indonesia Wins

Mixed Doubles, Christopher Rungkat/Aldila Sutjiadi Vs Thailand, Round Of 16, Indonesia Wins


Men's Street, Sanggoe Darma Tanjung, Final, Silver Medal

Men's Street, Basral Graito Hutomo, Fina, Rank 4


Men's Individual,tentu Jodi Setyaki Vs Kuwait, Round 8, Win

Men's Individual,men's Individuals,men's Jodi Setyaki vs Chinese Taipei, Round 9 Finals, Wins, Rank 24 Finals

Men's Individual, Novendra Priasmoro Vs Chinese Taipei, Round 8, Win

Men's Individual, Novendra Priasmoro Vs China, Round 9 Finals, Series, Final Rank 14

Women's Individual, Irene Kharisma Sukandar Vs Singapore, Round 8, Win

Women's Individual, Irene Kharisma Sukandar vs Medina Warda Aulia, Round 9 Final, Series, Final Rank 10

Women's Individual, Medina Warda Aulia Vs Mongolia, Round 8, Series

Women's Individual, Medina Warda Aulia Vs Irene Kharisma Sukandar, Round 9 Final, Series, Final Rank 12


Women's 49-50 kg, Novita Sinadia Vs Tajikistan, Preliminary, Indonesia Loses


Women's team, Indonesia vs India, Group A, Indonesia Lose

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