JAKARTA - President Vladimir Putin said on Friday Russia was ready to stop fighting and hold peace negotiations, from Ukraine to stop its NATO ambitions and withdraw its troops from the four Ukrainian territories claimed by Moscow.

Ahead of the peace conference in Switzerland that Russia did not follow, President Putin put forward a series of requirements that are completely contrary to the requirements requested by Ukraine.

"The requirements are very simple," said President Putin, who named them the full withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from the entire Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia regions in Russia's eastern and southern Ukraine following the 2022 invasion. June 14.

"Once they state in Kyiv it is ready for the decision and begin the actual troop withdrawal from these areas, and also officially announce the cancellation of their plans to join NATO - on our part, immediately, literally in the same minute, orders will follow to stop firing and start negotiations," he said.

"I repeat, we will do it soon. Of course, we will simultaneously guarantee the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops and formations without a hitch and safe," he said.

Russia took control of nearly a fifth of Ukrainian territory in the third year of war. Meanwhile, Ukraine says peace can only be achieved through the full withdrawal of Russian troops and the restoration of its territorial integrity.

It is known that the summit, which will discuss Ukraine's conflict this weekend in Switzerland, which will be attended by representatives of more than 90 countries and organizations, is expected to avoid territorial issues and instead focus on issues such as food safety and nuclear safety in Ukraine.

The Kremlin said the meeting would prove "in vain" without any Russian representatives.

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