Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Mustafa on Thursday said his party was ready to take full responsibility in the Gaza Strip after the ceasefire and a political agreement was reached, preparing for a comprehensive postwar rehabilitation plan.

That was conveyed by PM Mustafa on the sidelines of the sixth meeting of the European Union-Palestinian Investment Platform attended by the Director General of Environmental Negotiations and Expansion of the European Union

PM Mustafa stated that his government had started implementing a significant and comprehensive reform program.

"We have carried out the first series of reforms in the first month since our government took office," he said, quoted from WAFA June 14.

"We will continue a series of other reforms by the end of this year and additional reforms next year. On behalf of the President and the government, we appreciate the ongoing support from the European Union," continued PM Mustafa.

"We appreciate the bold steps taken by many EU member states in recognizing the Palestinian State, and we hope more countries will join this effort."

On that occasion, the Prime Minister highlighted the main challenges faced today, including Israeli aggression in Gaza, Israel's illegal cuts and detention of Palestinian tax revenue, and the invaders' attacks on Palestinians in the West Bank.

"This action must be stopped immediately," he urged.

"We rely on the European Union and other partners to exert political and economic pressure to ensure Israel's compliance with the signed agreement," he said.

PM Mustafa stressed the inaccuracy of the detention of Palestinian tax revenue by Israel, which was collected in accordance with the signed agreement.

"If these funds are not transferred to us, it is a violation of this agreement," he stressed.

"We hope the international community will act quickly to end this," he concluded.

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