JAKARTA - South Korea (South Korea) warned its citizens living on the border of 90 balloons containing garbage and dirt being flown in from North Korea (North Korea).

Citing Yonhap News via Reuters, the South Korean military detected an unidentified object believed to have come from North Korea flying across the border which was heavily guarded by his side.

Residents are asked to stay away if they encounter a flying balloon that lands in a residential area.

South Korean military sources said as many as 90 balloons were detected to have landed and some were still in the air on Wednesday, May 29.

Photos published by South Korean media showed a white balloon expanding with a plastic bag landing on land. While garbage scattered around balloons.

Earlier, North Korea's Deputy Minister of Defense on Sunday 26 May promised to use its "force to defend itself".

He also warned that he would send "paper and dirt" to South Korea in response to dried items' sent by South Korea to North Korea.

South Korean activists have often sent balloons flying to North Korea in recent years. The flying balloon contains leaflets criticizing North Korean leaders and USB memory sticks containing K-pop music videos.

Relations between North Korea and South Korea are known to be disharmony despite the ceasefire agreement between the two sides ending the 1950-1953 Korean War battle.

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