2 Times Not Coming, Debt Collector Viral Shooting Case By Aiptu FN In Palembang Picked Up By Police
The car for the shooting of Aiptu FN and Debt collectors in Palembang, South Sumatra (ANTARA)
PALEMBANG - South Sumatra Regional Police officers examined debt collectors (DC) or debt collectors who went viral in the shooting case by Aiptu FN. The Head of Public Relations of the South Sumatra Police, Kombes Sunarto, said that the officers had made two witness summons, but DC personnel were not present for unclear reasons. "So last night we did a pick-up at their respective homes," he said when confirmed, Antara, Wednesday, April 24. The shooting case by Aiptu FN occurred on Saturday, March 23, 2024. The Profession and Security Division of the South Sumatra Regional Police confirmed the legal process against FN who stabbed and shot a debt collector while carrying out a forced withdrawal of his car. Head of the Propam Division of the South Sumatra Police, Kombes Agus Halimuddin, said that based on authority and responsibility, the Propam Division conducted an examination regarding the alleged disciplinary violation of Polri members committed by Aiptu FN. "Aiptu FN has surrendered to the South Sumatra Police Bidpropam and is currently undergoing examination. The evidence of the Avanza car at the scene at the time of the incident has been secured, including the circuit used by Aiptu FN at the time of the incident," he said. He added that the sponsor used was not an official sponsor, but a sponsor that was traded in public places. Other evidence is car registration, clothes. Aiptu FN admitted that the air soft gun was thrown into the river from the Musi 6 Bridge. From the examination, Aiptu FN admitted to stabbing the debt collector because his condition panicked when he faced two unknown people trying to forcibly take his car.
"The crime is handled by the Ditreskrimum, while the aspect of violations handled by Bidpropam, Aiptu FN was proven to have violated the Police code of ethics regarding violations of institutional ethics and community ethics as well as personality ethics. In the context of security, we carried out detention and special placement for thirty days," he said.

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