Hunting 6 Tanah Abang Police Detainees Escape: Anyone Who Helps Will Be Charged With Law
Tanah Abang Metro Police/ Photo: Rizky Sulistio/ VOI

The Central Jakarta Metro Police Criminal Investigation Unit (Satreskrim) is still hunting for 6 detainees who are still fleeing the Tanah Abang Metro Police. Of the 16 prisoners who escaped, 10 prisoners have been arrested in separate locations.

"The joint team is currently still hunting for 6 suspects, to the family or relatives who help escape in any form will be subject to legal sanctions," said Central Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes Susatyo Purnomo Condro to reporters, Thursday, February 22.

The 6 prisoners who are still at large have the initials R (26) a resident of Kebon Melati, Tanah Abang. HA (23) a resident of Bukit Tinggi City, West Sumatra. MA (24) a resident of Palmerah District, West Jakarta.

The suspect HM (36) is a resident of Kalideres, West Jakarta. F (24) is a resident of Bandung City, West Java and WST (34) is a resident of Bogor Regency.

It was later discovered that the detainees escaped from cell room number 2. They broke into the iron vent in the bathroom. The prisoners fled to areas outside Jakarta.

Kombes Susatyo Purnomo Condro said whoever helps these detainees escape will be punished.

For example, RA. Syarifudin's wife alias Komeng put the iron saw into the cell when she visited her husband at the Tanah Abang Police.

"Rizki Amelia (RA), this is the wife of Sarifudin (Komeng) who is known to have brought or tucked a saw when he visited the prisoner. Then the saw was used to cut the trellis alternately," said Kombes Susatyo, Thursday, February 22.

RA also faces up to seven years in prison for helping the escape of 16 prisoners from the Tanah Abang Metro Police.

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