Kremlin Calls The United States And Britain Behind The Nord Stream Gas Pipe Explosion In The Baltic Sea
The pipeline used for the Nord Stream gas pipeline (Wikimedia Commons/Vuo)

The Kremlin on Wednesday said an underwater explosion that destroyed the Nord Stream gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea was organized by the United States and Britain.

"They were involved, one way or another, in this terrorist attack," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said at a regular press conference in response to questions about the explosion in September 2022, without providing any evidence.

It is known, the investigative journalist who won the Pulitzer Prize from the United States, totaling Hersh in her latest article report on the incident said the US blew up the Nord Stream pipeline for fear of losing its influence on Germany and Europe, as quoted by TASS.

An unnamed US official also told reporters Washington chose to attack the Nord Stream's underwater natural gas pipeline because they could easily deny its involvement.

"We don't know who the source of Hersh is, but after all, basically, the information he publishes is clearly in accordance with the data our special agency has," he said when asked for comment on the information provided by Hersh's Nord Stream explosion.

"Here it's not really important who uses what kind of tik machine, what's important here is, de facto, a terrorist attack on critical energy infrastructure owned by international joint ventures, specifically organized in one way or another, of course, by the US and Britain and they engage in these terrorist attacks," Peskov said.

It is known, Nord Stream AG on September 27, 2022 reported unprecedented damage and occurred the day before in three series of Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 offshore gas pipelines. On September 26, 2022, Swedish seismologists recorded two explosions in pipelines.

Separately, the Russian Attorney General's Office launched a criminal case in connection with the incident, based on allegations of international terrorism.

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