Iran Summons Swedish And Danish Envoys Over Blasphemy Of Al-Quran

JAKARTA - Iran's Foreign Ministry summoned Swedish and Danish business attorneys separately over the continuing blasphemy of the holy book Al Quran, according to state media.

The ministry's Ministry of Human Rights director denounced "repetitive barbaric and heinous acts" that insulted the holy book of Muslims in the two European countries, the IRNA news agency reported by ANTARA from Anadolu, Monday, August 21.

He referred to Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's recent statement that "supporting crimes and blasphemy against the Al-Quran is a form of war against the Islamic world."

He said freedom of expression must be accompanied by "certain duties and responsibilities".

The director also urged the two diplomats to comply with international obligations in accordance with articles 19 and 20 in the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights. "

Sweden and Denmark have been hit in the last few months by a series of burning the Koran by far-right extremists under the control of government forces, drawing anger around the Muslim world.

In the latest case, an anti-Islam activist in Sweden named Salwan Momika again burned the Al Quran in front of the Iranian Embassy in Stockholm. During the action, he was doused by a woman.

Iran had previously summoned representatives of the two European countries in mid-July.

The Danish ambassador was summoned on July 22, a day after a far-right demonstrator burned a copy of the Koran in front of the Iranian Embassy in Copenhagen.

He was again summoned on August 7 after another Quran burning action occurred in the Scandinavian country.

Meanwhile, the Swedish envoy was also summoned on July 21 when Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Miti said the Swedish government was "fully responsible for the consequences that provoke the feelings of Muslims" by allowing blasphemy against the Quran to occur.

In early July, Iran announced that it would not send a new ambassador to Sweden after the previous ambassador's term ended, in connection with the blasphemy of the Quran in the Swedish capital.

At the time, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian tweeted that the "new ambassador placement process" for Sweden was halted in connection with the government's (Sweden) actions that allowed blasphemy against the Al-Quran.

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