Moeldoko Will Guard The Availability Of Irrigation For National Food Security
Moeldoko is committed to overseeing the irrigation sector to support national food security. (docKSP)

JAKARTA - Head of the Presidential Staff Office (KSP) Dr. Moeldoko is committed to overseeing the availability of irrigation in Aceh Tamiang and Pidie Regencies so that farmers can produce so as to help increase food security nationally.

In helping these farmers, Moeldoko encouraged the construction of irrigation facilities in the area to help irrigate agricultural land.

KSP also stated its support for the construction of 3,000 hectares of dams and irrigation networks in Aceh Tamiang Regency and 11,950 hectares of dams and irrigation networks in Pidie Regency, Aceh Province.

These two dams and irrigation networks are urgently needed because the agricultural sector still relies on rain and is often hit by drought during the dry season. In addition, the water discharge from the Krueng Baro river is the main source of water in Baro Raya, Kab. Pidie, is no longer adequate.

"It is necessary to make acceleration efforts through coordination with the Ministry of PUPR. KSP will carry out this follow-up so that it can be considered and prioritized, so that two districts can continue to produce and contribute to the national food security program. Furthermore, the existence of dams and irrigation will not only have an impact on improving the economy of the farmers, but also overcome other social problems," said Presidential Chief of Staff Dr. Moeldoko, Wednesday, June 7 at the Bina Graha Building, Jakarta.

According to Acting Regent of Pidie, Ir. Wahyudi Adisiswanto, and Acting Regent of Aceh Tamiang, Dr. Drs. Meurah Budiman, who came directly to meet Moeldoko, Wednesday (7/6), at the Bina Graha Building, Jakarta, the absence of water sources and adequate technical irrigation systems for agricultural land caused a decrease in the economic productivity of the community, which is 60 percent proportional to farmers.

With the losses suffered by farmers, a number of social problems such as unemployment, poverty, and criminal acts of violence have also increased significantly.

"KSP has participated in solving problems in Wadas, Central Java, which also has land problems and social problems. I think the same scheme can also be treated in Aceh," added Moeldoko.

Meanwhile, Moeldoko advised that President Jokowi always emphasized the completion of various national strategic projects (PSN) until 2024. In addition, he also emphasized the government's commitment to continue working to serve the community until the end of Jokowi's presidency.

"Our effective government only has 1.5 years left. There is an order from the President to evaluate the PSN so that everything will be completed in 2024. However, it is undeniable that there are several large projects that cannot be completed in 2024 because it takes a long time. Therefore, we must continue to work to provide the best service for the community," concluded the retired TNI Commander.

Dr. Moeldoko received an audience with the Acting Regent of Pidie and Acting Regent of Aceh Tamiang along with staff at the Bina Graha Building, Jakarta, Wednesday, June 7. (docKSP)

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