Drugs And Alcohol Trafficking Under The Guise Of A Cosmetics Shop In Tangerang, 18 People Arrested
Serang Police held drug cases throughout January 2023/Photo: SPC

TANGERANG -Tangerang Police, Banten Regional Police arrested 18 people in connection with drug abuse cases. Not only that, but officers also seized a number of liquor. The arrests were made from January 2023 to early February.

Deputy Chief of Tangerang City Police, AKBP Indra Mardiana, explained that a number of evidence in the form of narcotics of various types had been secured by his party.

"We have secured 18 people in relation to cases of drug and list G of various types of hard drugs," said AKBP Indra Mardiana in a written statement, Monday, February 6.

Indra explained that the 18 people arrested were all male. The arrest was made in the Tangerang Regency area. From the revealed case, the police secured evidence in the form of 33.65 grams of methamphetamine, 58.97 grams of synthetic marijuana, and 70 ecstasy pills.

"As well as 1615 hard drugs of the tramadol type, 2712 hard drugs of hexymer type, and 564 bottles of ciu type of liquor," said Indra.

Indra said, in carrying out the action, the perpetrators used various modes. Perpetrators of selling hard drugs, for example, often use their mode of being a shop that sells cosmetic accessories.

"Customers who usually buy hard drugs are young people," said Indra.

Indra ensured that the Tangerang Police and the ranks of the regional police would continue to hunt down the perpetrators of drug abuse and List G hard drugs without a distribution permit. This, he said, was the attention of the Tangerang Police Chief, Kombes Pol Sigit Dany Setiyono.

"We also invite the public to work together to prevent drug trafficking. Report it to us if you notice any suspicious activity," he asserted.

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